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Dec '12

I am loving December

There is something to be said about the month of December that makes me smile more than usual and I guess the number one reason is my birthday that I have loved to celebrate ever since I was a little girl.  My Daddy would make a big deal of it and always managed to surprise me with some type of gift (even though there was very little money) and I treasured whatever it was. My Mom would make a cake for me and I somehow adopted the tradition and love-making cakes and brownies for those caring people who are a part of my wonderful life.  I feel blessed by all the good that has happened on my journey thus far and I love shopping for little tokens  of  “friendship for my yoga family of instructors” for Christmas.  This is so much fun as I try to match what ever it might be to their personality.

For my student that I mentor I have a pretty necklace and earring set for her and for my Austin who is learning to enjoy reading I gave a book written by Mark Twain.  It is a classic titled The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and I sure hope he enjoys it.  I have mailed gifts to my grand and great grand-children and plan on having some birthday lunches with friends that are also share December birthdays.

I get to see my son Joe who is treating me to a pre-birthday dinner tomorrow and that will be so nice.  On my birthday I will be volunteering in the morning and then a hair appointment at noon to “spiffy me up” and perhaps make me look glamorous.  If at all, ” it will give me that aha feeling that is priceless.”

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