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Feb '10

Highlights of a Great Occasion

I realized today as my vivid memory replays scenes from the wedding reception that everyone was cordial, happy and most of all relaxed with one another.  In retrospect, I can recall past celebrations filled with stress and family nonsense due to one or two’s insecurities with themselves and perhaps thought they “ruled the roost”.

This time, the bride and groom took hold and planned it all by themselves without any feedback from anyone.  It was their wedding and who better to plan it, invite who they cared to invite and,  have it turn out as the event of events.

I would like to applaud Darrin and Maria for pulling it off with grace, beauty and charm.  We all loved and appreciated the ambiance and the personal touch and I look forward to viewing the many photos that were taken, especially of me posing with the newly married couple.  Personally,  it was an honor to be surrounded by their love and beauty.   All of my relatives and my children join me in praise for this wonderful event for Darrin and Maria.

Will post a photo soon!

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