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Nov '11

Happy Thanksgiving to All

My meal consisted of 4 hot dinner rolls-a glass of iced tea and a small piece of apple pie and 2 cups of coffee.  No traditional dishes that I had hoped for and my tummy was empty.  The senior center had booked a two-hour buffet cruise that included the bus-gratuity and the meal.   It sounded like a good deal especially the part of no cooking or cleanup.  And so I had my breakfast-greeted my away family and headed for the trip to catch the bus to our destination.   The weather was awesome with sunny skies and high 70’s with minimum winds perfect for cruising to nowhere.

Long story short,  the turkey was pressed turkey loaded with salt-gravy not homemade, warm to cool mashed potatoes-spicy yellow rice-no sweet potatoes or cranberry sauce.  There were some cold slice of ham that did not look appetizing at all.  And so with my grumbling tummy  I decided to try a tiny taste of the turkey but it gave me an”instant headache.”  Perhaps being on a no salt diet caused my body to be shocked.  I was so hungry and ironically I was not alone with my feelings of distaste and disappointment.  We decided to just feast on the rolls to fill the empty feeling till we arrived back home.

Once there I quickly boiled water, opened a can of chopped clams, diced some fresh garlic and made linguine and clam sauce.  I am sure this is probably a first for a Thanksgiving menu choice but I must admit it was good, it was hot and  I ate two servings.   Even though the day wasn’t perfect by far, the thank you in my heart for my family and friends were.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

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