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Dec '11

Happy Holidays

Spent a wonderful Christmas Day chatting on the phone with relatives and friends and then left with my son and wife for a three o’clock reservation at Niko’s restaurant.  We had enjoyed their ambiance two years ago and thought it worth a try once again.

We ordered our beverages while mulling over the menu choices and I decided on the pork roast with baked sweet potato and filled my plate with healthy veggies from the salad bar and a small bowl of chicken orzo soup while waiting for my dinner.  Joe ordered Prime Rib and his wife Chanipa chose the Roast duck with sides.   With our glasses held high we toasted each other and then dove into our salads.  It seemed that we all loved our choices as our plates were clean.   When the waiter approached to ask about desserts, we all declined even though the choices were tempting.  Our tummies were full and we loved our choice of returning to Niko’s.

We headed for the 4:50 showing of  the Sherlock Holmes movie that Joe chose for us to see.  I found the movie to be enjoyable with some cute scenes but nothing resembling the Sherlock Holmes I remember. But then again-nothing is and besides the movies I do recall were in black/white.

Yikes! That is ages ago.

Here’s hoping your holiday was as happy as mine.

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