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Mar '11

Happy Birthday Laura

It seems like only yesterday my family and I  were tossing around dates of when my first grandchild would enter the world.  I think the due date might have been April 6 or 7th and some of us teased about having an April 1 (April Fool’s) day delivery, but nature knew when that miraculous day would be.

And so on March 31 1982, Laura Jean my first grandchild entered the world.  Myself and my younger son Darrin were there to kiss the new parents and to see Laura in the nursery.

I recall my eyes filling with pride and joy as “I felt Laura Jean was the most beautiful of them all and today, she still is.”

Wow!  In a blink of an eye, she is all grown up.   That day 29 years ago “I became a Nana and Darrin became an Uncle at age 12.”

How special is that?

Happy Birthday Laura


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