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Feb '11

Flowers and Candy

Ms Millie had a wonderful Saturday afternoon at the gift shop meeting new customers and helping them pick out the right gift for their patient.  With Valentines Day on Monday, we had quite an array of gifts and cards for every budget.  The repeat customers boasted about our unique gifts and wonderful customer service from the volunteers.  I  tend to believe the goodness we feel,when we volunteer seems to appear in our demeanor.  And wouldn’t it be wonderful if  it were to become contagious?  Can you imagine more volunteers bringing  happiness and help to someone who needs it?

You see for me it has been a part of my life going way back  to when my children were in school.  I became involved in the PTA and the cub scouts and became a baker of sorts.  I think I must have made a zillion cupcakes and cakes for bake sales and yet still today, I make brownies and cakes for friends just so “I remember how to do it and to make people smile, too.”   And it helps me to smile, also……….Keeps the wrinkles away!

So once I arrived home, I started opening mail and thought about dinner when there was a loud knock on my door and a voice saying flower delivery.  I opened my door cautiously and there stood a delivery man with a basket of the most beautiful flowers and a box of chocolates and said “Maam someone loves you very much, just sign here and they are yours.”

As I read the card from my son Darrin and his wife Maria, Sam and Meg and baby to be, my eyes filled with tears of  joy.

I truly love being their sweetheart as much as they are mine..and I realize just how lucky a Mom I am!

Happy Valentines day to all of you.

2 comments to “Flowers and Candy”

  1. Walk Says:

    Happy Valentine’s day. Here’s to all your days being filled with the joy that you felt today. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    I am hoping your Valentines Day was awesome, too. Wish I could share my chocolates with you and yours as they are delicious.