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May '12

First Birthday for Maria Helena

WOW!  Today my eyes opened to the first birthday for Maria Helena my pretty amazing grand-daughter circled on my calendar.  It sure seems like only a few short months ago, I held this cute little baby in my loving arms. But a few days ago, I had the privilege of seeing first hand how big Mia has grown and how careful she is taking five or six steps but making sure she has something to reach out to for when she might lose her balance.

It is so spectacular to witness as a grand-parent with my eyes “wide open” without any distractions.   I believe as a first time parent and even the second or third,  that we do see what is happening and we do remember,  but it doesn’t totally register simply because of all the other pressing moments and things we need to do.  It is only glimpses and fragments  of these precious happenings.  Yet for this proud grand-parent,  I can totally appreciate these magical happenings with open eyes.  “I can even hear it register not only in my mind but in my heart.  This is my time of life enjoying the now.”

And so to my son Darrin and wife Maria, continue to be amazed with your daughters’ achievements each hour of every day.  “Time flies even faster when you reach my age but the recall is extraordinary.”

Happy Birthday Mia.

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