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Jul '10

Diamond Birthday for Judi

My friend Judi will be celebrating her birthday on Sunday and her lucky numbers are 75.  I like the sound of  seven as in lucky seven and five somehow has become my lucky number.  So with this thought in mind,  I invited Judi to dinner last evening at the  neighborhood  Outback  restaurant.   It was a humming crowd filled with ambiance as we were escorted to our table.  The timing worked as it was happy hour and we took advantage by ordering White Zinfandel for me and Merlot for Judi.  This would be perfect for the toast to the happy occasion and also  our beverage for our meal.    I know in years past the silver-gold-diamond  traditions applied to 25 50 75 year anniversary gifts,  so why now apply it to birthdays, too?  But only with one difference, I would substitute dinner for a diamond.   After all it is the thought that counts, right?

We manged to have a fun evening catching up as Judi and I seem to be complete opposites as  I love the busy-hurried giving pace where she prefers the slow moving planned activities.   I was raised in New York City and Judi hails from Iowa and the differences are similar to night and day.  She is always in awe of things I did growing up and could never imagine herself doing any of it.  I always feel that her lifestyle would have been too mundane for me,  but it worked for her.  We enjoyed our dinner and the staff of  the Outback sang Happy Birthday and  presented Judi with a dessert of yummy vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

It was the final touch to the occasion as we ended the evening.  Happy 75 and many more years are wished for you Judi.

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