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Sep '10

Day of Celebration

Today is my youngest grandchild’s first day of kindergarten.  Sam,  I understand from his Mom is all cool about the whole thing but Mom had tears in her eyes.  I  can relate as I recall  those days many years back when my first son started school.  “Where has the time gone and when did my child get this big?”.  We truly think we want them to grow up fast,  but when we actually see it happening,  we seem to change our tune.

The other big event is my granddaughter Desiree who gave me the name “Nana Banana” when she had turned two years of age.  I was up there for her birthday in New York on this day and she hadn’t seen me for awhile and was curious about what she should call me.   I kiddingly said my name is  Nana like Nana Banana.   Well  Desiree looked up at me and then gave me a cute smile and left the room.  It seemed only minutes later when she returned with a sheepish grin on her face and handed me a wooden ice cream stick with a picture of a chiquita banana pasted on it.  This is for you Nana Banana and hence my name became Nana Banana for all of these years.

Today, Desiree is 21 and I am wondering when and how did all of these years pass so quickly?   It brings to mind the saying ” in a blink of an eye, they are all grown up.”   She will be graduating college next May and planning to be married on June 5 2011.  And this too  will be another special day to celebrate and be with family and friends.   I just love happy events!

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