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Apr '12

Beautiful Weather

It has been just delightful the past few days with bright sunshine-low 80’s and the most beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds.  Just feeling the cool breeze through my open windows and doors is refreshing as it lets out all the stale air that has accumulated.   Easter was very nice and I spent it with my son Joe who had the day off.  We went to the movies to see The Hunger Games.   This particular theater has an upstairs viewing area and seats with tables attached so you can order your food and drink.  I ordered the grilled chicken accompanied by sweet potato fries and an iced tea.  Joe went for the caesar salad-fish and chips and iced tea…..plus he ordered his favorite snack – popcorn.

We both enjoyed the movie and the food and I am looking forward to the sequel.  I believe this will be a trilogy and if they are all as good as the Hunger Games we are in for a treat. When I returned home to my blinking answering machine I had wonderful messages from my family wishing me a Happy Easter and so I spent the evening returning calls.  I even had the awesome treat of seeing my son Darrin and family on Skype.  It is such a fabulous way to see your loved ones and I enjoy seeing my grandchildren.   They say babies remember your voice, and so I will see this first hand when I visit the next month. All in all it was a nice holiday weekend and the rest of my week seems like it will follow suit.

Tomorrow – I spend time with my little ones at school and Thursday is my writers group meeting……Till then enjoy your days and don’t forget to smile:)

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