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Jul '11

Bang Up Weekend Plans

Yikes….where have the past six months gone?  Talk about a blink of an eye and things change just like that!  Is this a sign of aging?   Gosh it seems like yesterday or more like yesteryear when I couldn’t wait to be 18.   I felt this would be the age of independence and my plan was to be my own person and even have all my ducks in a row.  I would perhaps along the way meet a handsome prince that would make my life glamorous.  How wonderful it would be to travel and share our love with children all over this massive world.  There is this magical return so rewarding that you never forget how wonderful it is to hear a child giggle or chuckle.  To bring a smile to their face is so wonderful.

I know for me it just blows me away every time.  You know children as well as adults all need love and affection and we especially need to laugh and smile every day.

And  I still believe it keeps the wrinkles away or as some of you might call them “smile lines  and what better way to get them than by being happy?”

Anyway on this fourth of July weekend I wish all of you a safe and happy one and most certainly thankful for being an American.  Have a fun time.

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