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Sep '11

Pumpkins Galore -Where is Fall?

My stores have all stocked up on Pumpkins and costumes along with candy corn and large packages of treats.  Yet it is difficult to plan forty-four days ahead when the present weather has blazing sun and 90 degrees plus temperatures.   Folks here are flocking to the pools and beaches for the weekend especially for […]

Mar '11

The Super Moon

Did you all get a chance to see this phenomenon last evening?  It seemed to have a smile and eyes and so close.  I almost felt if I were way tall and had an extension ladder, I could touch it. According to the newscasters it has been almost twenty years since the last “Super Moon”, […]

Aug '10

Rainy Weekend

The sun has hardly shone the past few days as the skies darken and the loud booms sound from the distance,  followed by huge lightning bolts.  As you might have heard or read, Florida is the lightening state and it is frightening to see how close the lightening bolts appear right outside your windows and […]

May '09

Stormy Weather

The weather in New York has been rain, rain and more rain and Joey my grandson asked “if I could send him some sunshine in return for much needed rain here in Florida”.  As much I hesitated about canceling my trip,  it worked out as I would have been happy to see my family, but […]

Jan '09

Getting Back in the Groove

I tell you I am still dreaming of being on the beautiful Ruby Princess cruise ship, being waited on and fed those wonderful meals. Just a wave of my hand brought me a waiter and a glass of water, iced tea or alcoholic beverage. Now I wave my hand and nothing happens. I need to […]