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Apr '11

June Bride

The cute little girl who gave me the name  Nana Banana back in 1991 will become a Mrs. on June 5 of this year.  It became official as I opened the envelope holding the invitation and I think it became a reality as I read the insert Desiree to wed Brian.  I kind of hoped (as grandmothers often do), that perhaps they might wait until they were older to take this serious step to marriage.

But being young and in love is enough qualifications in their minds to marry, so why wait?

My question,” is being in love , enough to sustain a marriage?”  In my personal experience, it was not!

I believe our young years are not filled with enough life skills nor the experience/ knowledge on “how to  live and share with another person.”  Just like becoming a parent,  there is no book or instructions on how to be married.

Yet, like a fairy tale it all sounds wonderful-romantic-loving and free.

Now I have no doubts that my level- headed intelligent grand-daughter will enter this stage of her life with all of her Prince/Princess dreams in her mind and heart. My prayers and hopes are “”her Prince will always be there,and that they live a wonderful life together in real time.”

At least till their Diamond anniversary, a mere 75 years.

That would be perfect.

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