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Oct '11

Fall Arrives

What an awesome beginning to a brand new month!   I woke up yesterday looking for a blanket that hasn’t  been on my bed for months and found the top sheet wasn’t enough to ward off the coolness of the room.   It sure feels good to be able to open a window and let the fresh air in.  It sort of reminds me of years ago, when I could do this with my laundry and inhale the freshness of the outdoors on my linens.   The weather person is promising us a wonderful week of sunshine and cooler (eighty-five or lower) degrees with low humidity.

Today being Sunday,  I awoke to another refreshing morning and reached for a little cover-up to retrieve my newspaper.  As I headed down the driveway I almost wished I had put on a sweater as the beautiful cool breeze hit my bare arms.  The air smelled liked Fall and instantly it gave me a boost of energy as I prepared my coffee. I decided to fill my cereal bowl adding some fresh  blueberries as I need to have extra stamina to get through my Ashtanga Yoga class at 11 a.m..  This style of Yoga is one of my favorites as it helps me to breathe while we do different poses and also be able to hold to a count of  five in the downward dog position.  It has enhanced my posture while toning my arms and legs and it makes me feel like I have grown an inch or two.

This would be great news as I was always told  “that we shrink with age, so I just might ask my doctor to measure me at my next visit.”

Right now,  I feel like a brand new woman energized mentally and physically and so I will plan to use this magical feeling this coming week as I visit my first graders and Sophia.  It will benefit them and myself, too.

Here’s to a great Fall to all of you and don’t forget to smile!

It does keep the wrinkles away, so they say.

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