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Dec '12

Christmas Eve

Hardly seems like Christmas Eve of years gone by as I would be so busy preparing the finishing touches to a planned dinner for Christmas Day.  I loved my sons being excited about the countdown till Santa’s arrival and if they would get what was on their wish list.

It is children that make this holiday special and meaningful and somehow it has lost its sparkle and its meaning. “I truly believe that Christmas is an attitude we can all adopt to practice all year around.  For example, at a minimal cost a phone call to a loved one., a post card (remember those?) making a cake and sharing it, helping a neighbor or perhaps reading to the elderly or a child.  Yes, there is always something good to do 365 days a year and I am starting to believe it more and more, as I age.”

Perhaps this is when we begin to appreciate all that we have and see how wonderful it truly is to share with others. And, perhaps this Christmas Eve others might find that they too can adopt my attitude and share their bounty with others and it won’t even dent the bank!

Happy Holiday to all and that is my Wish!

1 comment to “Christmas Eve”

  1. Walk Says:

    Merry Christmas my friend, hoping you continue to inspire as you go about your daily life. Thanks for the reminder that giving is much more satisfying than receiving, especially when you share your blessings with those that haven’t been as blessed.