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Ms. Millie, the sassy so called senior that some call a motivational force, cordially invites you to join her quest to stay youthful and feel better, inside & out.

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Archive for November, 2012

Nov '12

Wonderful Day

I sure did miss volunteering last week with the school having a week off for the Thanksgiving Break.  Seeing Sophia today and talking about school work and her plans for the future has me excited to hear how focused she is becoming and I love her positive attitude.   We seem to have built a relationship […]

Nov '12

Mini Vacation

My teachers and students are happy with their week off and I am lost with all of the free time I have after doing my hour-long practice of Yoga.   It seems like only yesterday when I was hurrying and scurrying to buy all the necessary ingredients for a wonderful feast on Thanksgiving Day.  I somehow […]

Nov '12

Extra Hour of Sleep

I think I love this time of the year with its’ cooler temperatures and early evening darkness.  It seems to slow me down a little as I start to unwind from the days events.  Somehow working with the children is a fun fulfilling time for me but it is also draining as I am using […]

Nov '12

Having Fun in Costume

Last week was by far a near perfect time helping at the school.  My students are excelling and the teachers are happy with their progress.  They assured me that my being there for them week after week is so important in building their confidence.   This alone is by far the biggest complement I could receive […]