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Archive for April, 2012

Apr '12

Thumbs Up

Today I managed to do two of my favorite classes back to back and not feel winded or tired.  Only two poses in the Hatha yoga class gave me a little hesitation but other than that I did great.   So much so that I stayed for the Pilates class that I haven’t done in months […]

Apr '12

Incredible Weather

The weather has been almost Fall like the past few days just like I remember it from up North.  But I have to remind myself that this is Florida  and that  last year at this time we already baking with the high temperatures.   It seemed to me that most of us love the cooler temperatures.  […]

Apr '12

Mixed Emotions

This has been a hodge podge of feelings the past few days along with a mixture of sad and glad moments.  One of the glad times was getting back to my yoga classes which is always the best mood lifter (as it is so much a part of my day my life) and my soreness […]

Apr '12

Yoga Butt

Someone told me years ago that practicing yoga would benefit not only my mind but my body and balance, too.   I put yoga to the test a few weeks ago when I did the unthinkable (walking up an incline with platform shoes on) and lost my balance.   If it were not for my quick thinking […]

Apr '12

Beautiful Weather

It has been just delightful the past few days with bright sunshine-low 80’s and the most beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds.  Just feeling the cool breeze through my open windows and doors is refreshing as it lets out all the stale air that has accumulated.   Easter was very nice and I spent it […]