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Archive for March, 2012

Mar '12

Bouncing on Your Bottom

You would think that someone in my age bracket would be very careful about doing things that might create an injury.  But lo and he hold ( I must have thought or not thought) that  I was younger than Springtime this past Monday afternoon.   The luncheon I was attending had limited parking and so I […]

Mar '12

New Writers Group

Being a writer of sorts I am always looking for others like myself that enjoy putting our thoughts on paper.   When I visited the library last week I glanced at the upcoming activities taking place and a writers group caught my eye…..They had their first meeting two weeks ago and were meeting again on Thursday […]

Mar '12

Radio Shows From the Past

Five o’clock on a Sunday evening many years ago, I recall my family gathering in the living room or parlor as we knew it waiting for the broadcast of the radio show called “The Shadow.”  I don’t recall how long the broadcast was, but I am thinking maybe a half hour including advertising.  But what […]

Mar '12

Springtime is Here

I just love the time change and with the above average temperatures it feels like the middle of summer.  We  actually broke a record on  Wednesday with a high of 87.   Just hope this isn’t a precedent for a long hot summer.  When I see the devastation on the news of people losing their […]

Mar '12

My Peaceful Abode

Variety they say is the “spice of life” and I always try to mix a little of this and a little of that just so I don’t get in a rut.  But I have found that if I do this with half of a heart I should not do it at all. In the past […]