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Archive for August, 2011

Aug '11

School Bells

The yellow buses will be on the roadways come next Monday,  as the first day of the new school year begins.  And I know there will be lots of traffic and frustrated drivers for the first week at least and then it will all fall into place. Lucky for me that come Saturday,  I will […]

Aug '11

Nostaglia Weekend

Strange happenings occur,  it seems right around the time of the full moon and for the most part it is a very therapeutic time for me.   For example, things that stress me out are somehow minimized or made clearer in my dreams the preceding 3-4 sleepless nights.  And I always amazed to find that […]

Aug '11

Land Line Never Rings

Perhaps it is selective memories when I recall the days, when it seemed my phone never stopped ringing with calls from friends and family just checking in to say “hi and how are you?”  After working an eight-hour day in an office atmosphere with non stop phone requests I came to dread the phone once […]

Aug '11

Yesterdays are Gone-But

Hey 2007!  Where have you gone? 2008-2010 flew by as well and I am four years older and wiser now in 2011. As I read my past writings,  I realize how much I have grown as a person and as an understanding Mother, friend and sibling.   I don’t believe we know ourselves and the emotional […]