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Archive for July, 2011

Jul '11

Hold That Thought

I hate to admit that perhaps “age” might be a factor in me losing my retention of whatever it is I should be remembering.  In the past I have always claimed to have the memory of an elephant but I am not so sure at the moment.  My biggest dilemma is hiding things for safekeeping […]

Jul '11

Still Remember the Words

Spend a nice Sunday with a bunch of ladies like myself at the local playhouse to see My Fair Lady.   I was fortunate to get my favorite place to sit (right up front and on the aisle) which put me in an even better mood.  It turned out to be a sold out performance and […]

Jul '11

The Squeeze Bit Back

Odd title but it is the only explanation I could think of after looking at my blown up pointer finger.   It was around 2 p.m. this afternoon when I decided I would wipe my window sills and shine up the windows with some Windex and paper towels.  I finished all of my rooms and […]

Jul '11

Thick Humid and Hot

This weather is playing havoc with my lungs and sinuses.   It is breath-taking to say the least and for someone with COPD it is disastrous.   I try faithfully to keep my stamina and health going by doing Yoga 3-5 times a week just to keep my lungs functioning but today I was out of breath […]

Jul '11


I started thinking awhile back as I watch people in the news and everyday life how they handle life with its roller coaster moments.   Some of us seem to sink at the first glimpse of potential failure or doubt in our competence.  Then we have others  that will take a tighter grip while treading softly […]