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Archive for June, 2011

Jun '11

Summer Treats

Once the morning travelers are off to work  it seems that our roads seem to be less congested and it makes driving to the stores an enjoyable relaxing ride.  Now I can take my time and I can also view the passing scenery.  Perhaps a new store has opened or a new restaurant featuring grand […]

Jun '11

Fabulous Places and Faces

This has been a great week thus far and by far one of my favorites.  I am a basically a social being and love being around others in spite of liking some personal space once in a while and so this past Monday began with a bus trip from the Cares Travel Club.   The itinerary […]

Jun '11

The Month of Happenings

For many years there were only two dates that made a mark in my memory book.  The first being my sisters wedding anniversary at the near end of June that had begun in the early 1950’s.   I always made it a point to remember to send a card and once even writing a poem one […]

Jun '11

Home Sweet Home

From Saturday to Friday of this past week I logged lots of miles not only in the sky but on the road and also on the rails.  The neat part of this trip for me was staying in two motels and overnight in one son’s home and two nights in another son’s residence.   This  […]

Jun '11

Good Times Ahead

June is busting out all over and I am ready to enjoy a wonderful weekend with family and friends.  I can hardly contain my excitement as I envision Desiree in her bridal attire.  She will be a beautiful bride and my son will be a proud Dad of his baby daughter.  I can’t help thinking […]