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Archive for April, 2011

Apr '11

Looking Ahead

Next week at this time I will be celebrating my granddaughter’s graduation from college.  Desiree has always been a determined little girl and so I am not surprised at all of her achievements in spite of the many challenges she faced.  I am hoping to catch some of the highlights on a video (I learned […]

Apr '11

Shock at the Pump

Last year I believe was the first time that I paid over $20.00 to fill up my car and I was flabbergasted.  How would I have managed to pay this when I was still employed?  As it was I did thirty-six miles round trip five days a week and my salary was never the greatest.  […]

Apr '11

Missing the Old Days

Once upon a time Spring meant shopping for a new Spring coat and also visiting the local millinery shops to try on the latest in hats.   I loved the dress up on Sundays wearing my hat and gloves with purse to match.  Even my sons would be in their Sunday attire of slacks, shirt and […]

Apr '11

See You in the Fall

There is something wonderful about tax day here in Florida as our stores and roads become less congested.  Somehow this date signals a return home for many to file their taxes and also to escape our wonderful hot humid sunny days ahead. For me I think I might be spoiled just a little liking the […]

Apr '11

Labor of Love

The weather today reminded me of how beautiful the weather had been just a few years back in 1969.   It was a Spring like day and considered way too early for us New Yonkers, but I wasn’t complaining in my present condition.  (Nine months and the due date was imminent)  Besides after the cold winter,  […]