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Archive for March, 2011

Mar '11

Happy Birthday Laura

It seems like only yesterday my family and I  were tossing around dates of when my first grandchild would enter the world.  I think the due date might have been April 6 or 7th and some of us teased about having an April 1 (April Fool’s) day delivery, but nature knew when that miraculous day […]

Mar '11

Just Hang On

I am still singing and humming the words of memorable songs that I heard on Saturday at the Straz Center in Tampa, Fl.   The show was The Jersey Boys and the music was that of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  The performances were fantastic and hearing  one of my favorites “Bye Bye  Baby” had […]

Mar '11

Happy Days

The week started off with a beautiful memorable show on Sunday featuring a Do-Wop group called ” The Saints.”   The group sang songs I danced to way back when I was a in-out in-love teenager happy and carefree. I also recall a song made by Johnny Ace titled “Pledging My Love.”  It was a slow […]

Mar '11

The Super Moon

Did you all get a chance to see this phenomenon last evening?  It seemed to have a smile and eyes and so close.  I almost felt if I were way tall and had an extension ladder, I could touch it. According to the newscasters it has been almost twenty years since the last “Super Moon”, […]

Mar '11

Twists to A New You

I am wondering if any of my readers have tried doing Yoga since I wrote about it last?  My reason is curiosity of how much you enjoyed the practice and if you are still taking classes.  My posture is awesome for a person of my years plus the bounce in my step has added vim […]