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Ms. Millie, the sassy so called senior that some call a motivational force, cordially invites you to join her quest to stay youthful and feel better, inside & out.

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Archive for February, 2011

Feb '11

A Brand New Month

Does it seem that time is just passing so fast or is it just me getting older quicker?  I can vividly recall waiting what seemed like forever to have my 18th birthday as I wanted to be my own boss and be independent.  Well that is approximately fifty plus years ago and it has gone […]

Feb '11

February Heat Wave

It was an amazing moment when I was able to remove the weather draft guard from my  front door and windows.  As I lifted my windows an inch or two to let in the fresh fragrant air it seemed to refresh the room instantly.   I guess we can never replace the real thing when we […]

Feb '11

The Luv Pops

I am so happy that my Luv pops were a hit with the children and teachers.  Besides the pops, each child brought in a goody to be shared with the class and a be my valentine card.  This way their would be more than enough and no one would be left out.  By the time […]

Feb '11

Flowers and Candy

Ms Millie had a wonderful Saturday afternoon at the gift shop meeting new customers and helping them pick out the right gift for their patient.  With Valentines Day on Monday, we had quite an array of gifts and cards for every budget.  The repeat customers boasted about our unique gifts and wonderful customer service from […]

Feb '11

Be Mine Sweets

As I left the school today with a happy feeling as always, I thought about next Monday and the number fourteen appeared before my eyes.  Sweetheart’s day, Valentines day, be mine day…..Hmmm….What could I bring to my sixteen sweethearts on this special day? Well, it would have to be individually pre-wrapped and all the same […]