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Archive for December, 2010

Dec '10

Time Flies

In approximately six and half  hours we will be getting ready to toot our horns, bang them pots and pans or shake those noisemakers to greet the New Year.  If we are lucky to have our loved ones nearby, we can plant a kiss or give them a big hug.  My Dad always called me […]

Dec '10

Happy Holidays

My children loved their activity books and candy canes and I loved the beautiful photo of the class framed on a handmade card signed by each student.  I can now add another wonderful decoration to my wall and treasure these moments year after year.  The weather is beautiful in Florida with sunny skies and moderate […]

Dec '10

Grandson Coming To Town

Only two more days before my grandson Joey flies down from New York to spend a week with his Dad and wife.  He will also be spending a few days with me and I am so happy.   This will be the best Christmas present for me as this is what makes Christmas jolly is the […]

Dec '10

Another Year Older

It has been an amazing week having my son for a few days all to myself.  I know the best part for me, was spoiling him with some of his favorite foods.  On Saturday,  we went to dinner at the Red Lobster and had a fantastic time enjoying the ambiance and good food.  The three […]

Dec '10

Lucky No 11

This year for my big day on the 11th,  I will be celebrating it with my two sons Terry and Joe.  Terry is flying down from New York for a four day mini-vacation with his Mom and brother.   My hopes are that after all of my bragging about Florida’s warm sunny days, that Mother nature […]