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Archive for October, 2010

Oct '10

End of Another Month

Yikes, it is almost time for Tom Turkey Day and then Santa Claus will be coming to town.   You know,  lately I have been thinking about asking Santa Claus for a few gifts.  I feel  I have been a good person all year and  it sure would be fun to write down a few […]

Oct '10

The 60,000 Mile Marker

Back in 2004 I purchased a 2001 Toyota Corolla with 37,173 miles on its odometer.  I loved the black interior and leather steering wheel plus the exterior was my favorite shade of red and so I have been driving this wonderful car of mine for the past six years. On Tuesday of this week on […]

Oct '10

Cranking Up the Air

We are in the midst of a fall heat-wave with bright sunshine and high 80’s for the week ahead.  I don’t think the trick or treat children will mind the nice weather, but it sure doesn’t feel like Fall.  With Thanksgiving only four weeks away, it should be just a bit cooler for the festivities […]

Oct '10

Weekend is Here

This has been a fun week filled with a nice lunch on Monday with my friend Merrily. We enjoyed filling each others’ ears with our latest news and plans and then made a date for the following month at Jimmy’s restaurant. Then on Wednesday I visited the Pumpkin Patch with my first grade students as […]

Oct '10

Fun Time Tomorrow

Once again I get to ride the yellow school bus with sixteen of the cutest first grade children along with Mrs. Julie. We are all looking forward to visiting the Pumpkin Patch and perhaps buying a pumpkin or two.  So many of the children have already picked out their costumes for Halloween and I think […]