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Archive for July, 2010

Jul '10

Diamond Birthday for Judi

My friend Judi will be celebrating her birthday on Sunday and her lucky numbers are 75.  I like the sound of  seven as in lucky seven and five somehow has become my lucky number.  So with this thought in mind,  I invited Judi to dinner last evening at the  neighborhood  Outback  restaurant.   It was a […]

Jul '10

Clowning Day at the Hospital

When I clowned for the first time at the end of the school year in June (photo above)  I truly smiled for weeks after knowing how happy I had made some of the children.  A majority had never seen a clown in person and so this became  a first for them as well as for […]

Jul '10

Keeps Getting Better

Today was my ninth acupuncture treatment and I am in awe of how wonderful I feel.   My closest friends and neighbors have all commented on the healthy pink glow to my complexion plus my slower pace of breathing.   I  literally feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest. I am totally committed […]

Jul '10

Fun and Sun

Arrived home late Thursday and honestly it takes me longer each time to recuperate from unpacking and opening a week’s worth of mail.  Somehow, there are never any checks but lots of  requests for donations and it is now the primary in Florida coming in August and so it seems that every candidate has their […]

Jul '10

Feeling the Difference

Thought I would share my experience in New York City and how it relates to the acupuncture treatments I have been receiving. When the railroad cars pull into the station,  there are many people rushing to their destinations and there are many steps to climb to the upper level. In the past,  I would linger […]