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Archive for June, 2010

Jun '10

Abra Cadabra

I wish I had the powers of magic to wave the wand and say those “magical words” and perhaps then all this senseless killing would end.   We have lost three police officers in the past week and one injured.  Four children have lost their Dad and one unborn child will never know her Dad.  To […]

Jun '10

Another Saturday Night

The only difference in this Saturday night is the glorious glow in the hot summer night sky lighting up the neighborhood.  The fool moon is breath taking as always,  and once again it reminds me of the famous song sung by Frank Sinatra entitled “Full Moon and Empty Arms”. My arms might be empty but […]

Jun '10

A Face Remembered

I am the type of person that remembers birthdays of people that I have known in my business and personal life and for some,  I still send out greetings to them.  It is really easy for the ones that I  have Internet access and email addresses.  And for those  that I don’t  have current information, […]

Jun '10

My Stick’em Mondays

This has become the day of the week that I visit Linda who so nicely places all her little pins (needles) in my select areas of collar-hands-feet-neck and even the outer portion of the ear.  ( I almost pinched myself to see if it was really me feeling this good, that maybe I was dreaming […]

Jun '10

Daddy’s Little Girl

I will be missing my Dad just a little more tomorrow as we celebrate Father’s Day.  Even though it has been forty seven years since Daddy went straight up to heaven,  it still seems to be at times that a piece of him, a word or words remind me of how very special he was […]