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Archive for January, 2010

Jan '10

Wedding Bells

Place-  Brooklyn NY Time- 10:45 approx Groom- Darrin Bride –   Maria Date-     Jan 27 2010 Tomorrow,  I plan to make a toast to the happy couple that has found the magic formula of ” True Love.”    It is pure beauty,  to see  my son Darrin and Maria his wife- to-be together.  I know in […]

Jan '10

Happy Sunday Everyone

Where is the time going so quickly?  It sure seems like only yesterday, we were wishing each other a Happy New Year and I was suggesting you do 10 sit-ups. I wonder just how many of  you did one or two just to see if you could.  Maybe some of you have done a few […]

Jan '10

The Big Band Plays On

One of those fantastic days for me that started off with a healthy breakfast of cereal, v-8 juice and mandarin oranges.  I added a cup of  fresh brewed coffee and read the newspaper.  Waited for my keyboard teacher but she was a no-show and so I left to visit my  Sophia at the Middle School. […]

Jan '10

Smile Pretty

Yesterday, I stopped at the Library and had my photo taken with the Head Librarian and carefully tucked my gift card in my wallet for shopping in the near future.   When I arrived home and switched on the television it seemed my happy moments were short lived,  as  I viewed the devastation of the disaster […]

Jan '10

Lucky Drawing

One of my favorite places to go is the Pubic Library where I can spend hours browsing the shelves of different topics, subjects, how-to-do and just information of all kinds.  Some of our branches offer DVD and books on tape in addition to newspapers and magazines.  I have a few requests for books on hold […]