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Archive for June, 2009

Jun '09

Mixed Emotions

It has been a week of sadness.  Losing so many talented people from the entertainment world, viewing their lives and hearing their music and songs is a glimpse of “how fragile our life really is”.  That famous cliche “Here today- Gone Tomorrow” –  is a reminder for all of us to heed as we put […]

Jun '09

Saddened by the News

Had a spectacular day working out and then shopping with my son Joe for new furniture for his apartment.  We had an early dinner at Sam’s Waterfront Dining and I enjoyed a shrimp dinner and a Coors lite and Joe had grilled chicken Caesar salad and iced tea. Once I arrived back home, on went […]

Jun '09

Mid Week Report

I have survived Fusion Fit Club’s half hour of abs followed by body sculpting with weights and a 3lb bar.  Utilizing a six lb bar is my goal starting in mid July and also graduating to 4lb weights.  My forearms are starting to show my progress,  with a slight definition of a muscle building.  Weight […]

Jun '09

Brand New Week

Started my Monday off with a cup of yogurt and fresh blueberries and grape juice and left to do my Pilate’s class.  I packed my car with Michelle’s yummy cake, brownies and her gift earlier,  so that I would be on time for the class.  One of the staff opened the door for me, as […]

Jun '09

Fantastic Weekend

So much happening this weekend with the deluge of rain in Bethpage, NY, hampering and postponing play at the U. S. open.  Hopefully with good weather on Monday,  the U. S. open, will finish its’ last day with my favorite ‘Tiger Woods capturing the victory”.  On Saturday, I decided to go for a new hair […]