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Archive for April, 2009

Apr '09

My Special Week is Here

Tomorrow will be the start of two days that will make this week exceptional beginning with the Richey Suncoast theatre featuring the famous “Frank Parsons Big Band concert”.  There is ony one remaining for this season to be resumed in October for eight new shows.  I have a wish that I might sing one day at one his concerts, but […]

Apr '09

Wishing Everyone A Happy Spring

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Florida and I am enjoying the ambiance of friends and family phone calls. Yet, it is not the same as years gone by, when my sons were were young enough to enjoy waiting for the Easter bunny and their chocolates.  I recall someone telling me to “enjoy my children while […]

Apr '09

How Strong Can I Be?

I amazed myself earlier today by going to my favorite place namely Fusion Fit Club and I did a one hour yogalates class which is a combination of yoga and Pilate’s moves.  After hydrating and a fine minute break I did the Chi Fusion for a half hour and elevated my heart rate and did […]

Apr '09

Spring Break in Florida

We are on Spring break this week and enjoying the free time for a few days.  In the midst of my idle moments I find myself reliving our little chatter and giggling.  Joey is back in New York and will be off until Monday when he returns to school.  I will be back with my […]

Apr '09

My Heart is Singing

First Time with a Smoothie It is the most awesome feeling to hug and kiss your grandchild and gaze into their beautiful expressive innocent eyes and feel the meaning of true love.  Joey is at  the wonderful age where he asks questions and then listens carefully to the response.  He is quite capable of a […]