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Archive for April, 2009

Apr '09

My New Friend

Little Calvin is all of five weeks and starting to smile and recognize faces.  His big eyes widen,  as I sing to him and he doesn’t cry, so I am hoping it is pleasant to his tiny ears.  It is quite an enjoyable experience taking care of an infant, once again.  I loved having my […]

Apr '09

How Soon We Forget

Thought I would share an incident from earlier today, where I knew better but somehow forgot to remember.  I offered to babysit a month old adorable baby boy in my home.  He slept for about two hours and then awoke crying, so I gave him his bottle, remembered to pat his back – wait for the burp and […]

Apr '09

The Music Bug Has Zapped Me

As I sang my practice songs over and over, my music teacher Crystal played the tune on her piano repeatedly.  I thought if I had a keyboard at home, I could sing all the time and also benefit from the music background.  So, with this thought I researched online keyboards and accessories and decided on […]

Apr '09

Only Six Weeks to Go

My little friends at Marlowe Elementary have only six weeks left before their first year of school is over and summer break begins.  It has been a magical journey,  watching their transformation into little people with inquisitive minds and their willingness to learn how to compete with each other.  For example, there are eleven lists broken […]

Apr '09

I Feel Proud Today

My appearance on stage was an awesome experience for me even though I had stage fright for a few seconds but then ( I remembered my dream along with my son’s good wishes earlier in the day)  and I just belted out the words – did a little rhythm with the hips- the audience loved it (young and old […]