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Archive for March, 2009

Mar '09

Senior Idol Coming Up

Wow! I am proud of myself for completing my fourth voice lesson and readied myself to sing “Little Things Mean A Lot” in April when the music shop has a mini concert of all their students playing their instrument of choice and the singers like myself performing.  This is more than I expected and I […]

Mar '09

Spring in the Air

I read a comment from my niece in NY this morning as she was riding in the express bus on her way to work that went like this ” It is the first day of Spring but it is snowing” of which I had to write back and say “Come to Florida, the sun is shining.”  […]

Mar '09

Fun Relaxing Day

I am always in a good mood after being at the Richey Suncoast Theatre for the Frank Parsons’ Big Band performance.  Today’s program was all songs from Broadway plays going back to the 1920’s  and I wonder how much a ticket would have cost back in those days.  I know my parents would not have […]

Mar '09

A Feeling of Accomplishment

It is gratifying when our plans work out and we can cross it off our “to do”  list.  I finally emptied my closet and made a box just for American Vets, another for a friend who is just around my size and the last one for the school.  There are children in the higher grades that will benefit from some […]

Mar '09

Happy Sunday to All

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Florida and I have plans to read the Sunday papers and then catch some rays to warm my body and feed my bones with Vitamin D.  Next,  I plan to clean out my closet with a promise to give away lots of clothes that I have been saving […]