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Archive for February, 2009

Feb '09

My Funny Valentine

They were dressed in bright red sports coats, dress black slacks, white shirts and big smiles. I must admit how very handsome they all looked and how I proud I was to be a part of the Frank Parson’s Big Band Concert once again. The monthly event at the Richey Suncoast Theatre are a big […]

Feb '09

Presidents Day

I remember celebrating Abraham Lincoln on Feb 12 and George Washington on Feb 22 and it is hard to explain to my grandchildren why this was changed to a one day recognition for both.  If any one has the answer, I would welcome your commentary. Ms Millie Current Mood: Confused

Feb '09

Play Date

Think back to when we were young and we played our favorite games or listened to our hit records or just danced for the sake of dancing, how happy it made you feel.  It was like “life was a breeze, no worries-no problems we couldn’t fix, just a euphoric carefree feeling”.  This is what playing […]

Feb '09

Heart Special Day

Roses, chocolates and the beautiful bright shade of red Make everyone feel special in some shape or form How wonderful to say I love you in so many ways Let us be thankful for this Valentines Day We can hug our friends and never worry about them melting Try it today and every chance you […]

Feb '09

A Bit of Spring Fever

We went from a cold chill to a warm humid day that started this morning with fog.  I  quickly had a flashback to five years prior when I dreaded driving through the haze on my way to work.  My hands would be  gripping the steering wheel at the same time trying to see through the windshield […]