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Archive for February, 2009

Feb '09

How Exercise Enhances Our Voice

Who knew that my taking yoga classes and learning to breathe correctly in through the nose and out through the nose would benefit in learning how to give air to our voice.  The quote given to me goes like this “Air to the voice, is what gasoline is to an automobile”.  My Pilate’s practice has enhanced […]

Feb '09

Free Bone Medicine

I have been told time and again about the benefits of taking Vitamin D to keep our bones strong.  In the past few years I have taken a Vitamin D supplement daily and ate a cup of yogurt faithfully.  I would also nibble on 1 or 2 slices of cheese but somehow cut back on drinking […]

Feb '09

Learning the Words

I am so excited about taking singing lessons that I have compiled a list of songs that I have enjoyed the past years and hope to be able to sing myself.  I find myself humming more and listening to a variety of radio stations to decide on one particular style.  With practice,  I can probably […]

Feb '09

Sing a Song or Two

My sister reminded me when I mentioned how much I enjoy singing, that I did that for a penny or two when I was only five or six, I would sing for the neighbors to earn money to buy penny candy (giving away my age) but it was fun.  Today, I still sing along with the radio and surprise […]

Feb '09

Oscar Weekend

I love the Academy Awards with all the glitter and fashion.  I have always imagined that to walk on the famous red carpet and know the whole world is watching you must be awesome.  I remember my family and I  would make scorecards with our choices for winners in each category and see who scored the […]