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Archive for January, 2009

Jan '09

The Falls that Hurt

There is something to be said about having good balance especially as we age.  It seems  this is becoming a problem for a few of my friends who are becoming arthritic.  In the past few months Judi and Pat have had hip replacements one because of bone loss, the other putting out a garbage can […]

Jan '09

Super Bowl Fever

Once again Florida is hosting the “Super Bowl” festivities and the excitement is escalating with parties, interviews, special newscasts and just plain fun things to watch and do.  The weather will be a treat for our Northern friends with sunny skies and mild temperatures forecast for Sunday.  I don’t know for certain the weather pattern […]

Jan '09

Lucky For Me

I found out on Friday afternoon that I was needed by a kindergarten teacher to help with her students.  You would think I had won the lottery as a huge smile covered my face.  I knew in my heart that everything else that I do was not as fulfilling as the time I spend with the […]

Jan '09

Follow Up

Just had to let you know I am still chuckling over a fine, funny, uplifting comedy that had us rolling in the aisles.  It is just magical what laughter can do for our minds and souls and I am feeling the “magic”.  The cast of five was priceless and so fitted to their roles and […]

Jan '09

Afternoon Play

Lucky me! I have a ticket to the Richey Suncoast Theatre to see their latest production “My Husband’s WIld Desires Almost Drove Me Crazy”. It has had mixed reviews that say -only for mature audiences- must have broad sense of humor- too risque. These comments have been told to me by my female friends. I […]