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Archive for October, 2008

Oct '08

Loving Those Beans

Today,  I stopped to see how the green bean plants were doing and I am happy to report they are thriving.   It has been twenty three days since we put the seeds in the soil and now the plants are approximately about 18 inches high with beautiful green leaves and little pods starting to form.  […]

Oct '08

Big Band is Back

One Wednesday a month until May I will be treated to the Frank Parsons Big Band concert.  It is held at the RIchey Suncoast Theatre in Fl.  This is my fourth year as a season ticket holder and I just love singing along with the older tunes of yest-er year, and amazed I still know the words. Today’s […]

Oct '08

The Perfect Numbers

It was time for me to go to the lab to have my blood drawn for my annual checkup.  I cringe at the thought of the technician probing for a vein to pierce, (my veins are tiny).   With luck I will get an experienced technician and she will use a child’s needle, otherwise I end up […]

Oct '08

Fun Monday

Our schools were closed today for Teacher Planning Day which I meant I had more free time.  The weather cooperated with wonderful blue skies and sunshine.  The humidity is gone and it almost feels like a sweater day.  I did a yoga class for an hour and then left to do my other volunteer work.  […]

Oct '08

High on Life

Worked out for two one hour classes and then joined a friend for lunch at Carmelita’s where I pigged out on a chicken burrito and Mexican rice.  Linda had recommended this restaurant and I was impressed with the food and ambiance.  The serving was ample enough to afford me take some home for another light […]