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Archive for August, 2008

Aug '08

Camera Shy

Approximately three years ago my son bought me a Kodak Easy Share 740 digital camera for my birthday.  I have been using and taking lots of photos in the interim.  Some are good shots of scenery,but the photos I take of people and groups are not centered or they have crew cuts (male and female).  Being I […]

Aug '08

Spider Man Wins Again

Out of all the little gifts I bought my AJ, the “Spider Man” pencil case won – hands down. He loved the pencil, eraser, ruler, and card holder it held. He must have opened and emptied, filled and zipped it a zillion times. His coloring book with little puzzles went over well, but the tattoo’s […]

Aug '08

Surprise, Maybe

Not sure how surprised my son was, but if the happy look accompanied by his huge embrace and kiss was any indication, my presence made his day a happy one.  The weather cooperated with bright sunshine and a cooling breeze as we feasted on Italian Pennie Ala vodka, vegetable lasanga, veal marsala, garlic knots, salad, […]

Aug '08

Saying Adieu and Good Luck

In my volunteer position as an Ombudsman “advocate for the elderly” we have a District Office Manager (DOM) that oversees all of us. We have been fortunate to have a bright, articulate, detail oriented young lady for the past two years who has now found a higher paying position, although she will be staying with […]

Aug '08

Bags are Packed

I am so excited about this four day trip.  It is mind boggling to think I have been a Mom for a half-century. It sounds ancient, yet I am a young Mom in heart, spirit, and attitude. Being a Mom all these years has been the most rewarding part of my life, and every day […]