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Archive for July, 2008

Jul '08

If You Could

Do you sometimes think “If I could turn back the hands of time” I would be a singer, dancer, CEO?  If you could what would you be?  Dig in to those memories, those dreams we tucked away what would you be if you could?

Jul '08

I Surprised Them!

Walked into my exercise class this morning, placed my Pilate’s mat down on my same spot (more or less) and said good morning to the five workout ladies already there. They looked at me strange and then I realized most of us without our glasses are blind or not as sharp – recognizing people. So […]

Jul '08

Heat Wave

It is steaming hot in Florida, my car thermometer read 98 after being parked with the sunshade up for an hour.  Good thing I have a shade cover for my steering wheel as it would be too hot to handle safely.  The weather seems to be hotter and more humid each summer.  This must be […]

Jul '08

The New Do

Yesterday I decided it was time for a new look and so after my exercise and quick lunch I headed to my favorite hairstylist and said “Ester, I need a new look”  Ester has been my hairdresser for over ten years and so she goes along with my whims, let it grow-  I want bangs- […]

Jul '08

Full Moon

For years I was always told that people act differently around the time of the full moon .  Somehow it was thought that it was not always favorable changes or actions.  This piqued my curiosity.  Earlier this year (January) to be exact, I made a plan to see if this phenomenon effected me.  I circle the Full Moon […]