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Archive for July, 2008

Jul '08

Another Nice Day

The skies just ruptured today with lightening, thunder and rain that just bounced off the streets and sidewalks. My car had its second free car wash this week. The windshield never looked cleaner. I think there is something magical about rainwater. It seems to purify everything. BJ picked me up in the middle of the […]

Jul '08

Dinner with Friends

My tummy is filled with chicken noodle soup, a huge plate of oriental grilled chicken salad and a small hot fudge sundae, plus two glasses of ice cold water with a twist of lemon….Apple-bee’s came through with their 3 choice special.  Everything was just perfect and fit right in with Estelle and Tina.  The two looked […]

Jul '08

Happy Humid Monday

There was a time in my life when I looked forward to the summer of warm days and sunshine and a cool breeze late at night. I must be getting old and crotchety, because I can hardly bear to be outside for any period of time before the humid air takes my breath away. It […]

Jul '08

Lunch and Dinner with Friends

Next Tuesday I will be meeting two friends that I used to work with almost nineteen years ago.  Estelle and Tina worked in the Civil Dept of the Clerks Office and I worked in the Probate Section.  We have all since retired and try keeping busy volunteering at different activities and locations.  At least once a […]

Jul '08

Here’s My List

O.k. ready!  If I could – I would be on stage singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, just like Judy Garland  or I would be singing  Doris Day’s Secret Love;  I would be the talented singer in the James Bond movie, Shirley Bassey singing Goldfinger.   Somehow each time I see a show or hear a song,  I […]