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Archive for June, 2008

Jun '08

Rainy Monday

A few clouds today can hardly erase the warn endearing memories of the past few days. My flight to New York was a breeze with no delays (actually arrived 15 minutes ahead of schedule). There at the gate waiting with open arms were my niece Lynne and her husband Gary. After some great hugs we […]

Jun '08

Mini Vacation

Leaving Friday for a five day trip to New York City including a big family party for my great nephew.   I will be spending time with my sisters and brother enjoying and catching up on each others lives.  Then on Sunday I will be off to Brooklyn and spend some wonderful time with my youngest […]

Jun '08

Joey is all of Nine

I called Joey and sang Happy Birthday to him on the answering machine promising I would call when he returned from school. As promised, I placed my call at 7 p.m. and he related he had gone to bed at 6 only to awake at 1 in the morning. I asked him if he felt […]

Jun '08

Watching the Clock

I am smiling as I watch the minutes pass and thinking about my grandson’s plan to go to bed early tonight so his birthday tomorrow will come sooner.  Almost tempted to call New York and check with his Mom but don’t want to ruin his game plan.  Tomorrow I will be calling right after school […]

Jun '08

Amazing to Watch

Growing up in New York City the only sports I knew were the New York Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers and playing stick ball with a 15cents pink Spalding ball and a broom stick.  Hopscotch and Johnny on the pony and the famous Potsy as we called it was the extent of sports.  In the past few years […]