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Archive for June, 2008

Jun '08

My Aging Eyes

Every March like clockwork I get my eye exam, check for cataracts, glaucoma or hints of eye problems.  Each time for the past four years, my prescription stayed the same till today.  I am only three months late for my appointment but my eyes did change a little to the tune of $400 plus for […]

Jun '08

My Sister’s Wedding

1952- wow that is fifty six years ago today when my sister Jo married Marty.  She was a beautiful bride with her dark hair and eyes and dimples you could put your fingers into.  I remember our Dad being so proud of her as she walked down the aisle on his arm.  For me I […]

Jun '08

Just Daydreaming

For the past few days I have been in a dream like mode, not concentrating on any one thing and not accomplishing much of anything.  I keep thinking of my two sons and how happy I was to have seen them.  There is nothing like face to face hugs and kisses. I am convinced that […]

Jun '08

The Lost Birthday Card

It has been almost two weeks since I mailed Joey’s birthday card with his $20 in it.  Somehow it never arrived and I have not had it returned to me.  In the past I have put the wrong zip code but this time it is gone – without a clue.  Hopefully, if it strayed into […]

Jun '08

Back Once More

I loved staying in Joshua’s room with all of his soccer trophies and ribbons adorning his wall and top of chests of drawers.  His bed was very comfy.  Saturday morning we all hurried to put on our best faces and party clothes and headed out to the event that would continue into the late afternoon.  […]