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Archive for May, 2008

May '08

Memories of a Landmark

When I was a young girl living in the Bronx, a borough of New York City, I would take the subway to Grand Central Terminal every day to attend High School. This was considered 42nd Street on the East Side of Manhattan. I remember it as a huge station with beautiful lighting and several stairways […]

May '08

My Little Grown Ups

Only eleven days till the end of our school year. Scanning the classroom yesterday, I could see the maturity and discipline that a majority of the children have learned. There are a few that are still unruly and inattentive; they are the little guys that sadly come from troublesome families. There is no stability or […]

May '08

So Much Talent

Today I marveled at all the wonderful talent that our youth has; there were singers, dancers doing ballet, young actresses and actors. The youngest of the bunch was a beautifully talented young lady all of twelve years-old who could sing and dance. Her partner was fourteen and could sing, rap and dance too. Some of […]

May '08

The Big Band Sound

Lucky me! I have tickets for the last performance of the Frank Parsons Big Band that is held in our local theatre. Each year, they perform an eight series program that starts in October and ends in May. Usually the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2pm. Convenient time for me and it works well […]

May '08

Where Was This Hiding?

Awhile back, I had a water leak that affected my kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity along with the carpeting in my office. It wasn’t too much of an inconvenience because the wonderful SERVPRO people came in and replaced the pad and shampooed the carpet. Looks brand new. The past few days I have been emptying […]