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Archive for April, 2008

Apr '08

Off to Tallahassee Florida

I am off tomorrow (Monday) for the drive with four other Ladies to be guests of the Governor of Florida as we serve as advocates for the elderly – a.k.a. Ombudsman. We are recipients of the Golden Globe award and will be honored at a reception on Tuesday evening. The four of us had gone […]

Apr '08

Who Remembers Early TV Shows?

I just read that Law & Order is losing their star Jesse Martin as he is pursuing his musical interests. He will be missed as I very much enjoy the part he plays. This happens time and again; we become so attached to our shows and the actors that it is a personal loss when […]

Apr '08

The Mess is (Almost) Over

Almost four weeks to the date and I am back in my room- in my favorite corner- typing away.  The carpet man replaced the padding and shampooed it.  He made it look and smell brand new.  Now, I am trying to find all the stuff I kept nearby.  I had put it away for safe […]

Apr '08

Feeling Like a Celebrity

By now I hope I have convinced some readers that I love to write about everything and anything. I seem to always have an opinion, or a suggestion, or why “my way is the better way”. Recently, one of the magazines I subscribe to had a “post your ideas on how you stay energized” contest. […]

Apr '08

The Sweetest Words

I recall Art Linkletter saying “kids say the darnedest things” and yes, I do agree. I would like to add that they give the most honest answers you will ever hear. As some of my readers know, I volunteer for a kindergarten class of 18 five to almost six year olds. Our school year begins […]