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Archive for February, 2008

Feb '08

Caring and Sharing

I have just returned from a five day hiatus in Miami where in my volunteer position , visited locations that housed mentally challenged and elderly residents.  As an advocate,  I look for infractions of poor diet,  lack of toilet items, privacy, telephone privileges and clean linens and clothes as well as clean rooms. I can tell you […]

Feb '08

The Stars are still Singing

Can you recall that wonderful song “Release Me” sung by Englebert Humperdinck?  Last night for the first time I could hear it and not burst out in tears.  Forty years ago,  that was his claim to fame, his boost to stardom.  At that stage of my life, my marriage was at a crossroads and each […]

Feb '08

Our Future Starlets

Today was picture day at the school where they take an individual shot and a class picture with the teacher.  I was asked to participate as the children requested me to be in their photo.  This will be my fifth class picture and at this point, I am hoping to fill up my wall.  I […]

Feb '08


Taking a survey. Which do you prefer on Valentines Day? What makes you feel special? Do you like a funny card or mushy?

Feb '08

Hearts Aplenty

My little ones are excited as they paste red and pink hearts on little white bags that they will be filling with heart shaped candies.  As they carefully work I can see how careful they are being and asking each other- do you have a valentine?  (I like so and so, don’t tell him – […]