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Archive for January, 2008

Jan '08

No Truer Words

Years ago, I remember a celebrity stating that children speak the truth as only they know it.   How true I have found this to be as I spend hours a week with children.  On one occasion I had a small bottle of green tea that normally would hold water at my desk where I help the […]

Jan '08

The Benefits of Exercise

Today, while I was having my nails done, the technician remarked about “how soft my skin was and not wrinkly and dry”  as most older people’s skin tends to be.   I had heard,  you can tell a person’s age by their hands  and somehow I had thought, mine did look old.   While he massaged the lotion […]

Jan '08

Miss those Ol’ Time Movie Days

As I sat in the theatre today watching one preview after another waiting for my movie “Atonement” to start, my memory flipped back to 20 plus or so years ago when we would see the “coming attractions”, a few cartoons (we could use a few laughs each day) and the “News of the day”.  It […]

Jan '08

Loving Life

I have come to love my life so much more since I retired four years ago.  All of the thirty years that I worked and raised a family was a challenge and so I became a very scheduled person.  Each night I had chores delegated with the plan that came Saturday night I would have  time […]

Jan '08

Growing Up

Finally made it back to my little ones at school.  It seemed like a very long time and it showed in their response as they shouted out “Ms Millie, I missed you – where have you been?”  While I was collecting my hugs, I tried  explaining  that they really deserted me with Christmas and New Years break, “they […]