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Archive for December, 2007

Dec '07

Feeling Secure

My little children are growing up right in front of my eyes it seems. I usually volunteer Monday, Wednesday,Thursday afternoons returning on Monday afternoon. It is amazing in this short period of time, I sometimes notice these gradual changes in maturity, behavior and listening skills. In one instance, little Charlie in early September was using […]

Dec '07

The Big C Strikes Again

For months I have been promising myself to call Evelyn to take in a movie and go to a lunch or early dinner. She doesn’t drive and I don’t drive at night so the right time is hard to schedule. When I did see her at a dance recently I asked how she was and […]

Dec '07

I am a Star

Earlier today I took part in a photo shoot for a web page. The studio named Harmony Yoga and Pilates is slated for a grand opening in January. Their campaign is focusing on attracting new students to the varied classes of yoga practice, pilates and spinning. In addition there will be special workshops featuring Charles […]

Dec '07

Lunch with the Bunch

A few days ago, I received an invitation to a Christmas luncheon at the office where I worked before retirement four years ago. It seemed like only a short time ago as I glanced around the familiar rooms and my old office. The woman who replaced me was so happy to meet me and thanked […]

Dec '07

Fairy Dust

Last Monday I returned to the classroom after my weeks vacation . I noticed one of my students with a scrape on the side of his face. He told me all about how he had fallen off his bike and also hurt his shoulder. Terrione pushed his shirt sleeve off his shoulder to show me. […]