Weekend is Here

It has been a very nice week and I am so proud of all of my accomplishments.  Next to each goal I had notated for that day, I put a check mark and ended up achieving all of my endeavors for the week.

Now this is an awesome feeling and I am wondering if I can achieve this high grade every week?  I am finding that by my listing my goals on a pretty sheet of paper that it not only puts the ideas in motion but it also registers in my brain.  This becomes apparent when I awake in the morning. as I stretch and count my blessings (that I know my name and I can move)  and just like bingo, I know what my game plan is for the day.

And the neatest part is that I do have options.   And because they are all volunteer-oriented,  I can change my mind at a moment’s notice and still do some good.

So there is something good to say about retirement and being able to fill our empty hours with worthwhile deeds.  And we can  pat ourselves on the back for a job well done!  Have a great weekend and don’t forget to smile 🙂

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