Magical Words

Have you ever recalled something from your childhood that you find yourself saying to a child to ease a problem or a pain?  I had this remarkable experience on Tuesday during my volunteer time at Marlowe Elementary.   Little boy Blaise  (all of six years of age) had an icepack  being held to the back of his head.   He explained he had not been sitting correctly at lunch and fell off of his chair.  He also added that “he didn’t cry and that the nurse assured him,  it would be O.K.”

I instantly told Blaise that I could find my magical dust in my fingers and gently rub the bump and it would feel better and perhaps go away more quickly.  And so Ms Millie did her little song while she touched his head and sprinkled the magical dust.  Today, Blaise reminded me about his bump and how my magic had worked and that his Mom was curious about the powers of Ms Millie.  My Mom did it for me and I am sure I used my magic on my sons so why not use it today?

Magical words and magical dust are ageless!

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