I Saved and Now What?

For the past few weeks, I have volunteered 15 or so hours a week preparing tax returns. Some of the families have such meager income and benefits that it leads me to wonder how they make ends meet? This week, in my two days of preparing returns, each person had interest and dividends that they had accumulated and now were owed tax money from the I.R.S. When they asked for my advice about what should they do, I suggested, perhaps take a trip or donate some money to a scholarship or research fund. One lady said “I don’t know how to spend, I only know how to scrimp and save” which leads me back to that saying “Save for a Rainy Day.” How does one know when it arrives? Do we wait for a deluge of rain or perhaps just a small shower to say “hey, how about treating myself today?” Just a little shower could lead one to booking a trip, buying a new well-deserved dress or suit.

People are crying in the news about not having money to bail them out and bills they can’t afford to pay. Do our elders have the secret to saving? I wonder…

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